Since 1984, I have been a licensed cosmetologist practicing extensions and have been fully devoted to the art of all hair extensions since 1993. I offer 24 hair extension companies & am always adding more. Continuing education in my field is very important to me. I maintain my education level through valid cosmetology courses studying the science of hair, adhesives and chemicals (also attended college & majored in Art). I have installed literally thousands of hair extensions. A lot of my clientele comes to me needing corrective work rather than cosmetic, and I repair others’ extension work. Over the years, I have developed a protocol that ensures the client choose the correct extensions, & get the best wear while helping your hair to grow. I enjoy helping clients who come to me thinking very little can be done, only to come out with hair extensions that exceed far beyond their expectations! I am also known as Tampa Hair Extensions by Denise. Thank you!

I have a real passion and love for my work and look forward to helping you!

More about me…



I do hair extensions exclusively each day that I am open & do more methods of hair extensions & additions than most. I can honestly say that I feel that I have more hands on experience with more methods of hair extensions than anybody I have ever met. I have done over 15,000 sets of hair extensions. I have an understanding of all aspects of extensions and how they integrate with other salon services. I don’t believe in one size fits all. That is why I offer so many types of extensions. Even though I am certified in classic phases of hair, it is almost impossible to do every aspect of hairdressing & become an expert at each one. How can a hairdresser that does extensions as an added service have as much experience when they are only doing it once a week? Or once a month? How many methods could a typical stylist be familiar with? I believe it is necessary to concentrate on only one or two areas of cosmetology to become a specialist. I believe that I can correct most color, texture, volume & length issues through extensions.

Why go to anybody else without my level of experience?

I have two main goals:

1To provide you with the most natural looking hair possible by matching the color blends, texture, density, curl pattern to make it look like your own hair.

2To help your own hair grow without breakage by offering many types of solutions and the best experience possible.

Why Me?

  • It is my focus to get your hair in the best condition & to grow while using healthy hair extension methods.
  • Since people who sit in my chair have some sort of hair problem, whether genetic, hormonal, environmental, chemical or styling, I have come up with a very easy protocol to follow to help grow your hair while wearing the extensions.
  • Each client’s hair and service is custom ordered just for them. No weird hair hiding in a back room. I order only what you need to reduce waste & keep costs down. You will see your hair in its original packaging so you know it is from the company you ordered it from.
  • I give the clients choices by learning all the extension types to offer. Microcylinders, Keratin, Bonding, Tape Ins, Seamless, Tracks, and Partials & am always learning more. If one type is not your cup of tea, I have others & we can mix and match if needed.
  • I never overbook (but I do fully book) so there is usually no wait time. If I am running behind, I have the courtesy to call the next appointment.
  • I’m always early for my appointments.
  • I always give the clients back any unused hair.
  • I will always tell you the total price. No surprises.
  • I can fix any extensions that come my way. I’m flexible.
  • I am faster than most and since I do this every day for years, my work is super clean. You get my experience.
  • My prices are better than most. You usually don’t find this level of work at these prices.
  • I play nice 🙂
  • I invest in my education. Im certified in Schwarzkopf, Great Lengths, Hotheads, Babe Hair, Cinderella hair, Mega Hair, Ultratress. Ultra Strands, SoCap, Hairlocs, and soooo many more.
  • I’m honest. I don’t take everybody that walks thru the door for money. If I feel someone is not a candidate, I will do my best to help them in an alternate fashion.


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