Beaded Track Hair Extensions

Beaded Row hair extensions are also known as micro tracks, flat tracks, sew-ins, track & sew, weaves, beaded rows, natural beaded rows & wefting. My tracks do not slip or damage hair & will last for 3 months if not longer.

Row Removal – $5 per track
1 Row Installed – $45
2 Row Installed – $90
3 Row Installed – $130
4 Row Installed – $160
5 Row Installed – $190
6 Row Installed – $220

Includes new non chip made (made specifically for tracks) that match your color & high quality thread that is thin & matched to your color, installation, haircut, dry & flatiron.  3 tracks or 1 bag of 18 inch hair is the average. Wefts are usually doubled in each track. Bobs, pixies & other short cuts require more hair & more tracks. Average price of service w/o hair is $130 to $145  every 3 to 4 months not including hair.

Client provides the hair. My favorite hair is It is reusable, thick & can last up to 9 months with proper care. My favorite supplier of Bohyme is Amazing customer service.


Everybody can wear rows. Lots of hair can be applied without a lot of attachment sites. No damage. The application can last up to 12 weeks with proper care. Tracks are a technique, so it is important to have an experienced extensionist. My work does not tangle or damage hair & lasts up to 3 months.  That makes the difference between great, good or bad tracks. To install as few tracks as possible, I recommend using only Bohyme hair as the weft is thick. The bottom of the hair is as thick as the top. If another hair is used & the ends are uncut (different lengths on the bottom), then no amount of hair you put in will thicken up the bottom. Bohyme is the blonde (cut to all the same length) and the brunette hair is the uncut hair. You would have to cut off the last 4″ to thicken the ends so it is not recommended.

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