Q- I love my hair extensions! Where can I leave a nice review? A-Right here! Hair Extensions by Denise on Google

Q-Can I get my hair colored too? A-Yes, Fiona has been doing color for 30 years & is fantastic! She concentrates on color & I concentrate on extensions. 813-918-5573. We have been working together as a team for many years.

Q-Can I skip the consult & go directly to an appointment? A-No. To make sure everything is perfect, it is important to utilize my 30 year expertise on the subject plus so much more. The consult covers not only the types of extensions that you can be a candidate for, but you will get to see my work in person. We also go over hair care & what issues you may have. Hair extensions are only part of the equation & should be used  in transition while getting your hair to be the best it can be! If you read all this and still want to skip the consult, I require you bring in your own hair & pay for the service in full.

Q-When should I make my consultation? A-At least a week before you need them. This gives us time to set an appointment around your schedule & to custom order your hair if needed.

Q-If I bring my own hair, can you install it? A-Under most circumstances, absolutely! But we still need a consult to make sure that you have the right amount, color, texture & if the extensions were already worn that they are still in good condition to reapply.

Q-Why can’t I get a price over the phone. A-I need to see your hair for an exact price. If you would like real walking out the door prices, they are found all over the site.

Q-How do you keep your prices lower than other extensionists? 1-I am a renter, I do not work for anybody where they get a big chunk. 2-I only do extensions, so I only have to carry supplies for extensions. 3-I have been doing extensions for 33 years so I have become pretty fast. My work is neat. I do 4 heads a day! Practice makes perfect. I have done over 16,000 heads ( yes, that is the correct number). 4-I have automated my system so that there are no interruptions. 5-I have streamlined the process of getting extensions. Sorry, you won’t find 3 assistants, champagne & and hours getting a head massage for a crazy price! Only great service at an affordable price with a truly experienced extensionist! I do everything start to finish myself. I don’t pass you to an inexperienced assistant.

Q-Do you keep my hair? A-You always get your hair back, including the packaging, so you know its the genuine product.

Q-I exercize a lot! Can i still wear hair extensions? A-Yes! There are some choices that are better than others. I would put them in order of tracks, individuals, then tapes.


I will be putting more Q&A as I get them.

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