Hair Care

Hair Care by Tampa Hair Extensions by Denise


Please go to the products page to see the products recommended. Refer to this page when troubleshooting. If you have followed all the information and are having an issue, please contact me asap.These directions help grow in your natural hair in the best shape possible.

You must always:

  1. Use good products.
  2. Keep your hair clean. Wash as needed.
  3. Keep your hair dry. Do not go to bed with wet hair or keep your hair damp.
  4. Keep your hair tangle free. Brush out tangles asap.
  5. Do your chemical services before your extensions.
  6.  Do deep conditioning about 1 week before your next appointment.
  7. Come to your appointments with clean dry styled hair.

You must never:

  1. Take out your own extensions.
  2. Leave tangles in your hair.
Weft shedding…

If you have a problem with your weft shedding, please click here for instructions on sealing your weft.

Hair loss…

Some hair loss is normal. A person’s average natural hair loss is between 50 to 150 hairs per day and a full head of attachments covers approximately one half of the head, you can expect to see a small quantity of naturally released hairs trapped in the attachments after some time. This is normal and should not be interpreted as hairs pulled out of the scalp by the attachments themselves. Daily brushing close to the scalp and finger separation of the applied strands will avoid matting. It is normal for the attachments to look “fuzzy” after a while. This is dependent on how your own hair will shed. You should not let the attachments become intertwined with each other as this means you are not brushing properly. Any extensions that come out, save & bring to your next visit.

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