Hair Care

If you have followed all the directions & having issues, text me asap at 813 279 9412

Your new routine.

1-Use a sulphate free shampoo on the  scalp & attachment area only. No lower on the hair.

2-Use Paul Mitchell Awapuhi conditioner BELOW the attachment. Paul Mitchell conditioner coats the hair to retain moisture.

3-Squeeze excess water out while in the shower & add Biolage Hydrasource to keep moisture locked in.

4- Use a Turbie Towel or a 100% cotton white t-shirt to soak up the water.

5-Add your heat protectant & air dry or use warm setting with your fingers to dry. NEVER GO TO BED WITH A WET HEAD!!!

6-Style gently on warm settings & gentle tension.

7-Braid your hair before bed & use a satin pillowcase to keep your hair from getting roughed up. NEVER GO TO BED WITH A WET HEAD!!!

8-REMOVE ANY TANGLES ON A DAILY BASIS!!! Brush your hair BELOW the attachment point with the Wet Brush. Brush your hair from scalp to attachment with a natural (NO PLASTIC BRISTLES!!!) boars bristle brush. For curly hair, use your fingers to get into the attachments & separate any tangles. Under no circumstance, should you let your hair or extensions get tangled. Tiny stray hair as it grows are normal, but the extensions should NEVER be tangles into each other!!!

9-Use the Aquasana water filter. It is different than a water softener. It takes all the bad stuff out of the water. If you sign up for their “water for life” program, they will send your new filters automatically & give you 10% off for signing up. You don’t have to remember when to change the filter. Very easy to install & remove.

10-Do all chemical, Olaplex & conditioning services BEFORE your extension service. Use Fabric Fusion to seal your wefts on new track hair if needed. Fiona is available for chemical services at 813 918 5573.

11-Come to your appointments with clean tangle free hair. If I have to remove knots, there will be an extra charge for the extra time.

12-NEVER remove your own extensions. I may not be able to reuse if guest damaged them or I cannot figure out what piece went where.

15-Never trim your extensions near your next maintenance service. If you trim before a move up, your extensions might end up too short.

16-Please click here for instructions on sealing your weft.

17-Please click here for instructions to tell if you got good hair.

18-Please click here to test for synthetic or human hair extensions.

19-Please click here for tangle test.

Troubleshooting issues in this order:
  1. Make sure you are following all directions on the hair care page.
  2. Make sure you are using all the recommended styling tools & products on the products page,
  3. Contact your hair supplier (if you supplied your own hair).
  4. Make a (15 minute) appointment to see me. You must bring ALL of your products and tools to this appointment.
  5. If you tend to get truly tangled, use the moroccan oil brand products for everything,
Hair loss…

Some hair loss is normal. A person’s average natural hair loss is between 50 to 150 hairs per day and a full head of attachments covers approximately one half of the head, you can expect to see a small quantity of naturally released hairs trapped in the attachments after some time. This is normal and should not be interpreted as hairs pulled out of the scalp by the attachments themselves. Daily brushing close to the scalp and finger separation of the applied strands will avoid matting. It is normal for the attachments to look “fuzzy” after a while. This is dependent on how your own hair will shed. You should not let the attachments become intertwined with each other as this means you are not brushing properly. Any extensions that come out, save & bring to your next visit.

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