Hair Extension Pricing

Tampa Pricing Hair Extensions by Denise

Cricing can be found by clicking on the appropriate link.

Tape in pricing when you supply the hair

Tracks pricing when you supply the hair

MicroBeads and keratin individuals when you supply the hair

Purchasing a professional system thru me. Click here for professional system prices.

I can take hair on a weft or tapes & break it down into keratin or micro cylinder strands.  I can change microcylinder to keratin and keratin to microcylinder. I no longer sew hair onto wefts. My sewing machine died after years of faithful service. 🙂 Prices for bonding are $25 per ounce. Usually a bag of hair is 4 ounces.

4-I do tape, track, microcylinder & keratin extensions. I do not do lace front wigs, hairpieces, full head weaves. 

5-Bring your own if you do not want to purchase thru me. See the companies below:

These are some of the companies I work with. The list is far from complete! I will be adding more names as time permits! These hair extensions companies will sell hair directly to the public. My favorites are Bohyme & Glam Seamless.







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