Usage of any & all parts of Hair Extensions by Denise constitute acceptance of policy so read carefully.

  1. Cash & Checks appreciated. Credit cards accepted via Paypal. Money transfers accepted using Zell. Guest is responsible for payment at time of service.
  2. Arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment. Have address, telephone number & directions in your phone. I may not be able to answer the phone to give you directions. Allow yourself  an extra 30 minutes for Tampa traffic & weather if your appointment is between 3 pm and 6 pm.
  3. Cancel/reschedule 4 hours BEFORE your appointment- $0
    Cancel/reschedules UNDER 4 hours before your appointment- $75
    Cancel/reschedules 1 hour or under 50% of your appointment services (not hair materials)
    No Shows 100% of your appointment service (not hair materials)
  4. If I can fill your slot -$0. The only way I can fill the slot is if YOU cancel YOUR appointment.
  5. You are responsible for your schedule & for incurring  fees from a mismanaged schedule. If you get a reminder for a service you feel you didn’t make, please cancel it. No excuses on this as the system is automated & I don’t touch the system. 
  6. Managing time/Lateness. Text (813) 279 9412 with an honest estimated time of arrival. This allows me to contact the guest after you so I may give the time you need to complete the service. Without an honest ETA, the other guest is already on her way & I may not be able to give you a full service, which still must be paid for whether you get the full service or not. DISHONEST GUESTIMATES/ETAs ARE MY PET PEEVE!!! Don’t expect full service on half the time.
    Lateness without proper estimated time of arrival- $1 a minute late.
  7. Guests are responsible to understand & accept responsibility for: Prices, scheduling fees, services, hair care, policy, managing appointments, products, updating contact info & contacting me within 24 hours of any issues.  Guests are advised not to change their hair after the consult unless agreed upon as this can change the end result. Guest is responsible for tracking of any packages sent to me.  In any case of any discrepancy, the policy & the hair care pages will prevail so make sure you understand. Consults are only good for a month or if you make any changes to your hair after the initial consult. 
  8. This format must be followed when troubleshooting. When you realize you have an issue, don’t wait.1-Make sure you are following all directions in the Hair Care page. 2-Make sure you are using all the proper products as per the Hair Care & Products page. 3-If you supplied your own hair, please call the manufacturer asap to discuss the issues. 4-If this does not resolve it, please schedule yourself fr a 15 minute appointment. You will be required to bring ALL of your products & tools to eliminate any potential issues. You will know if you have an issue as soon as your first shampoo if the hair is not good. Bad hair tangles usually after the first shampoo. A good habit to establish is to call the manufacturer for refund policy before purchase & wash & dry the hair extensions before installation to remove coating to see the quality of the extension. Watch video here on choosing the correct hair & watch this video on testing your hair before installing. If your extensions are getting worse over time along with your hair, then it is possible your products are not suited to your hair and extensions.
  9. Client agrees to not disparage Hair Extensions by Denise in any form. Damages for disparagement/false allegations start at $5,000.00 minimum. Client responsible for all legal fees occurred.
  10. My insurance mandates that individuals needing attention, children under 12 years & pets (unless verifiable service)are not allowed in our facility during your appointment. This is for the safety of the children & the comfort of other guests.  Minors must always be accompanied by parent during the minor’s service. No perfume please. I’m standing right above you & I get a headache.
  11. Inappropriate, threatening, argumentative, disruptive or strange behavior, you will be asked to leave & not return. You will be refused service.
  12. There is a possibility that your hair may fall into the category of not being able to wear extensions or receive a service. I do my best to eliminate anyone who is not a candidate thru personal inspection. The possibility of being a non-candidate is slim but it is impossible to catch every non-candidate due to issues including but not limited to health issues or partial disclosure of hair history. Extensions, addition & replacement services can place stress on the existing natural hair so cannot warrantee the condition of your hair after use. Hair Extensions by Denise will not be held liable for any harm in connection with abuse or neglect or premises/services rendered. I will not be responsible for anything left behind, including but not limited to hair extensions. You must take all belongings. If you choose to come in for a service without a consult, guest is responsible for everything to do with that service/product & must leave a 100% deposit. No refunds.
  13. As with all hair extension services, there is no refund due to the nature of hair extensions. I am happy to adjust (not remove nor add services) the unsatisfactory portion of the service free within a 10 day period.  I stand by my work but cannot warrantee my work under the following conditions. 1-When it has been altered by somebody else without prior communication. 2-If the extensions were not treated as per the hair FAQs page. 3-Extensions that are outside the technical norm. 4-Wearing your extensions longer than recommended. (3 month max) 5-Using products other than recommended by the hair extension company you choose to wear.
  14. Let me know how I can enhance your experience or if you have an issue you feel hasn’t been resolved. If you’re happy with my work, tell everybody, If you aren’t, tell me. I will do my best to resolve any issue.
  15. I believe in work/life balance. If you need to come in off schedule (days & times not listed on the calendar) , then I work at a rate of time & a half. It is recommended to schedule your appointments as soon as possible to avoid this.
  16. Any & all information you provide never gets distributed. We only collect minimal information to serve you better. Therefore, Hair Extensions by Denise agrees to keep all client information private & client agrees to keep all of Hair Extensions by Denise & affiliates information private as well.
  17. Any charge-backs, checks that can’t be honored & outstanding balances must be corrected immediately. We will send you an e-mail letting you know this has occurred. Guest is responsible to pay any unpaid service or product that has been ordered or received within 72 hours including any expenses we incur. We aggressively pursue fraudulent activity. View State Attorney County’s Check Restitution Program by clicking here. Guest are also responsible not only for original debt, but any monies going toward collection fees including collection agency fees.
  18. Losses due to Acts of God are not covered or insured by Hair Extensions by Denise or Denise Chapman or any affiliates.
  19. Website content was developed for guests personal use. No images, text or other content from this site may be distributed or reproduced without prior written approval from Denise Chapman.
  20. *DISCLAIMER-While I am more than happy to take over another extensionist work, be aware that I may not be able to follow what the previous extensionist did if you decide to remove the extensions on your own before we meet. You must come clean, styled & no tangles. You must have a picture for me to follow. Any extensions that are not in your hair that need to be put in must be cleaned & dried & flat ironed & pair up properly before we meet. Extensions removed with oil are not reuseable. I cannot guarantee the exact style since I was not the one to create it but if you follow these directions, I can get very close if not better in some instances.
  21. In case of discrepancy, policy will prevail.
  22. Using any portion of Hair Extensions by Denise constitutes acceptance of policy. This includes (but not limited to) any communications, invoicing, information or services.
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